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So I was wondering what sites people here found to be most efficient for selling and collecting? Save on a huge selection of new and used items from fashion to toys, shoes to electronics. :( I just wanted to warn you so it doesn't happen to you too. There are certain accounts dedicated to it and it's easy to find sellers. People in Mercari sell them at minimum $5 plus like $3.65 for shipping even though they just use a stamped envelope (which only costs a forever stamp) to mail it out. Set the starting price at 1 USD/GBP/whatever currency (and don't forget to add shipping!) Vintage Kewpie Karda book of 29 Postcards. Jungkook | @bts_bighit/Twitter 1. I'd recommend going to package shipping if more than that. You no longer need a Japanese address to collect your orders. Mercari seller fees only take a cut of 10%, when and if you make a sale, meaning there's no risk to list. On Twitter and Facebook, there are several Filipino shops that cater to numerous K-pop groups. This thread is archived . I could totally auction out group bundles. In fact, it markets itself as 'the selling app', recognizing that many of the pain-points for sellers had not been addressed in traditional C2C online marketplaces as they focus on improving the buyers' experience. IBENTOY*: click this link and use code \"BCHONG\" for 10% off your first order! Taylor attributes the sudden interest to social media. These applications/sites are where buyers who make bulk purchases sell their extras. you will get $2 credits if you sign up with my code, and as will I. I'm selling some Kpop things, mostly photo cards but also some albums. They also have some rare items for good prices often enough so perhaps give them a try! Sometimes you can get really good deals there but a lot of the time stuff is extortionately expensive. Sold out. There are certain accounts dedicated to it and it's easy to find sellers. I have a small collection of duplicate photocards from the last few releases that I was hoping to sell and I thought eBay could be a good place to do it. You can also make your purchases on the stores not referred here. We allow you to get your product delivered internationally. If you are planning to throw them, then just send them to me, please! Not having a bursting collection wont make you any less of a fan. Or I've had people claim cards are damaged, and I can technically ask for them to be returned but eBay not only makes you pay for a postage label for each individual item (even when it was a bulk order) but also makes these postage labels so insanely expensive that it's not even worth it to get my item returned so I end up just give the buyer a refund and they get to keep the cards. 2. He asked to be identified only by his first name to protect his privacy. You dont need to be a native to buy from Japanese stores. Popular member pcs are more expensive so be careful in putting price cause sometimes it could ruin the market price if you sell it to expensive or too cheap. Poshmark has around 40 million users. Just a regular USPS stamp. A university student in Indonesia, Jae initially planned on buying one photocard of NCTs Jaehyun, a popular member whose photocards are often in high demand. the sleeves are okay it doesn't matter if they are decorative but you want to get the plastic cases as well to protect them further, usually when i do this i get the 6 x 9 envelopes and put cardboard in between the pc as well, this prevents any bending/damage. Normally, I ship them by stamped mail and choose the "ship on your own" option and put n/a when it asks for the tracking information. $20. How do I start? And some sellers are of course scammers - there's a ton in my current main fandom - which not only makes buying things anxiety-inducing but also makes establishing yourself as a seller difficult. If you can sell 200 photocards at $5/ea thats $1,000! SKILLSHARE: the first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:* = affiliate link, meaning i earn a small commission from your purchase! What stood out was her phrasingthe house and lot were meant to come free with the photocards, and not the other way around. A collection of K-pop group photocards. I used them a lot in the beginning because its much easier than buying from Korean sellers but can definitely be cheaper than here! Assorted NCT Haechan photocards from Graces collection. Unfortunately, just like everything else in the world, people want things, and how rare it is or how high in demand it is would get people to jack up the price, since there are people willing to pay that price., A photo of some of multi-stan Brad Chongs binders and spreads featuring his bias, NCTs Mark Lee, and BLACKPINKs Jennie. I've met a few nice people along the way and its fun to talk about our collection, she said. 1932 Radio Station Postcard Waterville Maine W1DBQ Communications Antique Post. #kpop #redvelvet #twice #stayc #leserrafim #bts #blackpink #selling #trading #kpoptrade #kpopsell #fyp". You won't have to worry about pricing the cards correctly, auctions will sort out the market price themselves. It also helped her develop a new skill. I'm willing to negotiate the prices, as long as you don't lowball me. You don't know where to start? Stock your collection with these cute holographic photocards! Look at shipping options (or ask them) and see if tracked shipping is available, if so, spend the extra money for tracked shipping. However, fake cards are slowly catching up to the quality of official ones and it could be difficult to identify their authenticity, especially during online transactions, she explained. Up10tion Ateez Bugvel Dignity IN2IT E'last Luminous SF9 Xeed , Honey10 Taglist Atiny Taglist Nugudom Taglist . And if you bundle it will be cheaper than buying them separate. Mercari is a Japanese flea market service allowing private individuals to sell their wares. Related Topics . Lists Sandy Lyons June 29th, 2021 eBay prices can be all over the map, but if you're wondering how much your BTS Jungkook photocards are currently worth, this list might help. Magic Shop That would make it so much easier to find since on insta, the wtt tags are always bloated with things that aren't what you're looking for. It's an implied risk.- Requires more effort and communication with buyers, such as video proof of mailing items, eBay: **(I think this best suits your needs rn! By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. 2007 - 2023 6Theory Media, LLC. First, to make your search easier, Neokyo filters the best Marcari listings by denying purchases that may be made difficult by picky sellers requirements. )+ Low effort. Similarly, shes noticed that some companies add more photocards with each album. Similar to how an NBA card collector buys multiple packs of cards hoping to find the one they want, K-pop fans get a thrill from buying multiple copies of the same album for the chance to pull their favorite members photo. Message the seller and ask if they will send you a picture of the photocard, their Mercari username, and the date. It's really unfortunate that you've had so many problems. ', Press J to jump to the feed. You can sell on eBay or mercari with the member name and album from which it's from in the title. big spenders when it comes to merchandise, The Fan Translators Behind K-Pops Worldwide Success, Why You Feel Like Youre Friends With Your Favorite Celebrities. Mercari is a private sales company. Would going with a more safe/generic debut hurt or help Nmixxs sales? The Mercari app has been downloaded over 100 million times. If you want to find me search 'Kpop photo cards' in the search bar, the photo cards I'm selling will pop up. How do you sell on Mercari without tracking to get paid OR how do you ship with tracking and not have it cost as much as the photocard youre selling? Mercari is a C2C marketplace where individuals can enjoy buying and selling items. most of the photocards are bought from yangdo, mercari, and singapore so pls no low bowling @17MarketPH @SVTMerchRTPH help rt pls 25 Jan 2023 08:10:28 If any of your cards are for Seventeen, BTS, or Stray Kids, please feel free to DM me because I would love to check them out! When a company keeps on releasing new collectibles but you havent even completed the first collection; when the reselling prices for each member vary just because one is a member of a kilabot line and the other isnt; when youre transacting with a seller who cant even honor your initial agreement because another buyer offered a much higher price; or when you find out that what you thought was a steal purchase was actually a scam your patience will be tested one way or the other. At a combined worth of under $10, the market value of Sys Hendery and Yangyang photocards was far from the market price of her supposed house-and-lot freebie. But the post is a tongue-in-cheek example of how outrageous photocard prices can get on the secondhand market. Jae documents her precious acquisitions on TikTok, under the account name @preciousjh17. The Mercari app makes it extremely easy for users to sell their unwanted goods. When asked when they started collecting, many new collectors would point to the COVID-19 pandemic, when people went looking for stuff to do while stuck at home. Photo: Gabriela Serrano. I never knew sorry. If you have any of my interest, I would totally take any if you can't find any sellers!! Privacy Policy. Mercari fees are low It's a flat 10% fee on all sales which is great compared to some other platforms that are higher or fluctuating. Is it allowed to sell gift cards? Another option depending on your groups is Mercari JP via buyee. This serves as a warning: collecting K-pop photocards is not for the faint of heart. Up to you if you want to increase it or decrease it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I actually fell for SEVENTEEN, The Boyz, and STAYC while making their templates, since I watched a lot of their content to learn about the different members, so I wouldnt get their photocards mixed up.. Mercari provides its users with an environment where they can trade safely and securely . photocards im selling/trading!! You could search specifically for the cards you want with the cards you have. 105. Am I dumb yall? I got scammed once by someone who had over 9 proofs. I'm willing to negotiate the prices, as long as you don't lowball me. You know if you sell something for $20, they're taking $2. Sometime in January, Filipino high school student Natasha Sy, 17, posted a listing to a Philippines-based buy-and-sell (BNS) Facebook group dedicated to one of her favorite K-pop bands. ), K-pop fans go-to sites are KTown4U, Weverse, and Yes24. Its like youre a kid who received a gift or whose parents bought you your favorite toy. It feels good when youre able to get your priority photocard, especially if its in demand and a lot of other fans are looking for it, too.). For least amount of effort, I'd go for ebay auctions. While well-designed K-pop albums are considered collectibles in themselves and the reason fans are known to be big spenders when it comes to merchandise, the photocard is one of the most popular K-pop merch items to collect. otherwise i won't be able to mail anything 'cause i won't have the money. Though she had been a K-pop stan since 2017, being stuck at home and seeing more of her offline and online friends post about their collections on social media drew her in. Cookie Notice It's a custom badge, we sadly don't have one right now up in the store Hopefully we will soon though so everyone can have one too! sign up using this link and get 2000 yen off your first order through ANY STORE! Or are you okay with the cheaper Instagram style stamped letter mail (usually tucked inside a letter with something hard or a plastic top loader)? But I guess the way is just looking for people who have done lots of sells and trades before. Each photocard measures approximately 3.5 x 2.3 and have a glossy finish. sign up using this link and get 2000 yen off your first order through ANY STORE! I think being part of such a vast community and the aspect of owning and working on a collection that would never end is whats really appealing, and to be a part of something so fun and different is what intrigues people, said Chong, who has witnessed this firsthand as a YouTuber and also while working at KPOP Republic, a store in California. I collect albums but I don't care much for photocards and I have a box in my room with 200+ cards just laying there collecting dust. Bandai $350 I've never had anyone lie about a card being damaged or missing and it's never happened for real either, unless the buyer just never told me. hopefully I will be able to buy one soon too!!!. (Regret). prices are super reasonable and even cheaper on yangdo compared to ebay/ig~ it takes a bit of a learning curve to use but its relatively easy, i have used twitter and instagram! I got suspended after listing items for the first time in my life, and with covid, US customer support is terrible and not willing to listen to me. It's much easier to search for them and because there are so many, pcs are super super cheap. Pcs selling bussiness nowdays are very intense. I'd love to check them out and take some off your hands if possible :). Since the items here are already unsealed, collectors know which member theyre buying. We support all major payment methods, including PayPay. Heres a closer look at the K-pop photocard phenomenon. I mean, were all here for the same reason, which is to support our favorite artists and to fulfill our desire to complete our collection, while escaping reality for a bit with this moment of happiness from getting a new album or pulling a photocard.. When you sell the cards, would you rather send them packed up w/ package shipping? Go to Neokyo's homepage and select your desired shopping website. Prints Photography Painting . Aside from the price of the photocards, buyers will also have to pay for international shipping fees, package fees, and the means to store the photocards properly such as toploaders, sleeves, and binders. Gusto mong buuin yung isang set. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The first and only subreddit for Mercari, a fast growing marketplace for buying and selling online. ishmellowchu 4 yr. ago Oh really? . I take pictures of the letter with the stamp before sending it as well. She bought it for almost $610. Gio, a 26-year-old graphic designer, echoed the sentiment. Although they mail photocards in hard thin plastic things called "top loaders". I used to sell skz, seventeen and Ab6ix really well on ebay, though. Already have Rappler+? (If you're in the U.S., I mean First Class.) It's incredibly frustrating that Instagram removed the option to sort tags by most recent though, definitely makes it almost impossible to search for anything. wts lfb seventeen wonwoo album photocards strictly selling as set QYOP + 3500 (see tweet below) prio payo no to sensitive buyers!! And does anyone have any horror stories? I want to save money so I've decided to trade for my bias this time. short silver dress with long sleeves; raid mosquito plug how does it work; fully funded scholarship in israel Although it's a legit platform, there are definitely possibilities of getting scammed by sellers and buyers on Mercari. Photocards can be obtained by buying albums or participating in events (POBs, fansigns, pop-up stores etc.). Would you say it's easier to get the cards sold on eBay or Instagram? . There, its normal to see fans congregating to trade their cards. Postcard Katharine Hepburn Sepia Ludlow Sales New York Unposted. Get your orders stored for free. I mostly sell on Mercari and IG. That way people know exactly what they're buying and can't say you didn't tell them about the condition. I'm selling some Kpop things, mostly photo cards but also some albums. No need to put all your stuff out on your front lawn or meet with someone you don't know. by celine - intro song: snap shoot by seventeen - outro song: stray kids two kids song instrumental - #shoppingvlog #photocards Value-wise, the image on the card also matters a lotselfie cards are all the rage, but more unique cards, like a photo of Red Velvet member Irenes shadow from their ReVe Festival: Day 2 mini-album, or LOONA member Hyunjin holding a hash brown from their 12:00 EP are even more coveted. You can easily learn as you go. These sites are where most shop handlers often buy their merchandise. Japan has a huge market, much bigger than the UK, so there are tonnes of photocards. I buy on depop, insta and mercari Japan, and honestly I'll probably stop using the first two now that I've discovered mercari Japan. They added that its unavoidable for a collector to feel pressured to complete their collection as soon as possible, or to get jealous over a fellow collector who gets their desired photocards, but these shouldnt cause a rift between collector friends. Since these cards are meant to be free inclusions, prices are usually dictated by the Korean and Japanese online markets such as Bunjang and Mercari, where the card collecting culture originated. I was really worried about this in the beginning, but it's never happened to me. Pros of Selling on Mercari Easy to list Mercari is seriously one of the easiest platforms to list on. The buyer protection is great for buying but horrible for selling - people can just claim a card didn't arrive (since tracked shipping is not really worth it for PCs most of the time) and get a refund. If you want to find me search 'Kpop photo cards' in the search bar, the photo cards I'm selling will pop up. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. Mercari - only wants it's commission Received a damaged package and Mercari refused to provide a refund or return the item. Collectors acknowledge that ones collecting journey can get pretty overwhelming. Mercari seems more reputable than Ebay now, but it still charges you a fee. 7 expert tips for tackling clutter. Ailla said, Its completely okay to not complete everything especially if other necessities require the budget. This month, VICE is doubling down on all thingsK-popand Korean music, featuring articles and videos on music, fandom, and celebrity. But the next line is what caught the attention of many of the groups over 30,000 members: Hendery Kickback PCs + Yangyang Resonance Past with free house and lot!. I think you'd just list what you have and ship it when you get a sale. Neokyo is a trusted shopping proxy that makes buying on Mercari feeling like a breeze. I would give them away but I have no friends that are into kpop so I'm thinking of either selling them or throwing them out. I kid you not it gets frustrating. To top it off, Mercari has products from brands like Nike, Apple, Louis Vuitton, among others. PHOTOCARDS ORIGINALES PHOTOCARDS 124 Producto (s) Ordenar productos BTS - PHOTOCARD SET DICON D'FESTA MINI EDITION $14.990 CLP Impuestos Incluidos STRAYKIDS - PHOTOCARD SET DICON D'FESTA MINI EDITION $11.990 CLP Impuestos Incluidos NCT127 - PHOTOCARD SET DICON D'FESTA MINI EDITION $11.990 CLP Impuestos Incluidos LOONA - LUMINOUS POSTCARD SET Once you already have a Twitter account or have joined a Facebook group, itd be easier for you to connect with fellow collectors who are also looking for the same items as you are. Caitlin, a fan who creates photocard templates (collector guides that show all the possible cards one can pull from certain albums) under the account @oopsyhyuck, said shes noticed K-pop companies adding photocards to all merch items they release, including clothing and accessories. Add your comment to start the conversation. And if you bundle it will be cheaper than buying them separate. you again buyee for partnering with me for this video!going broke again because of seventeenthank you guys for watching and ill see yall in the next video~~~timestamps:00:00-01:12 intro01:13-06:28 tutorial06:29-30:10 shop with me: * socials *: kpop instagram: sale/trade instagram: twitter: depop: NO LONGER IN USE. k-collect: 8raddy spotify: slowpretty: * coupons *: KPOP MUSIC TOWN: use code \"bradchongtown\" for 10% off your order! It's a $3 item for context. What do you put for the tracking information. On the other end of the spectrum, boy group VICTON recently chose to go for a more environmentally conscious route. However, there ARE certain members and photocards that are considered "rare" or at least rarer than others, according to the photocard market. the demand for the PCs will sort that out for you. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. I sell mostly on ebay and a little on r/kpopforsale. But beyond the quick serotonin boost and the satisfaction from completing a set, most collectors cite the friends theyve made and a sense of belonging as their motivation for collectingphotocard BNS entails a lot of interaction with other fans. 3. 243. IG is great for finding trades. List item and you're done (sale or auction) (Side note, protect yourself with tracked shipping only. Their inclusion in albums is seen by many as a strategy employed by K-pop companies to sell more copies, thus helping the artist chart higher. It's just so expensive here and I can't really go back to buying here when I know I can get a more fair price from sellers in Korea. Aside from the price of the photocards, buyers will also have to pay for international shipping fees, package fees, and the means to store the photocards properly such as toploaders, sleeves,. A quick search of common tags like #WTS and #WTB along with a K-pop groups name reveals how they generate plenty of new posts every hour. Omg. By clicking on Agree, you accept the use of these cookies.

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